JAMES  LEVIN

Die Walküre [Valkyrie] Act III, Scene 1 (14/18) [Ride of the Valkyries] engl./dt JAMES LEVI

Production by Robert Lepage at the Metropolitan Opera, 2010-12
Conductor: James Levine

Carmen - Ouverture

Performed at the Metropolitan Opera

Conducted by James Levine

Verdi: Falstaff - Final Opera - Metropolitan . James Levine

Falstaff ... Paul Plishka
Ford ... Bruno Pola
Fenton.... Frank Lopardo
Dr. Cajus... Piero di Palma
Alice Ford... Mirella Freni
Nannetta: Barbara Bonney
Quickly ..... Marilyn Horne
Meg Page... Susan Graham

Tannhäuser: Overture (James Levine)

The Met Orchestra performs the overture to Wagner's "Tannhäuser," conducted by Music Director James Levine. Excerpt taken from the 1982 telecast.