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Inspiring the future due to the past of our recognised,refined and prolific creator of chamber of music,still underestimated as a great composer of symphonies.


ALB is an international (about Spain is concerned) dedicated to the promotion of the Music in the modern sense of the world , commerce and global scenaries.  ALB aggressively promotes the Music with serious and demanding parts for each instrument & industry through many of its programs and partnering with other similar organizations. Our goal is to educate legislators and the public as to the importance and necessity of all Music entertainment and scenaries. At Spain this Association is designed to: Promote and encourage the development of the Music as well as International and all sectors directly and indirectly linked to professions and music and music activities. Promote development of community and international trade music and exchanges with other countries. Promote and develop the spirit of friendship in search of common objectives among all its members professionally committed in the mentioned activities. Develop among its partners its own means and synergies to favour cooperation under the statutory object accomplishment.


The Cello Club

The Cello is Luigi Boccherini

The Cello is Luigi Boccherini

LUIGI BOCCHERINI (1743-180 String Quintets G 278-283 (probably written in 1772) Boccherini was one of the first and most prolific composers 0f chamber music in the modern sense of the world .Modern in this respect means music with serious and demanding parts for each instrument ,music which merits attention for its artistic standard and music with great respectability .With most of these qualities Boccherini distinguishes himself from his predeccesors .For the majority of Baroque composers chamber music was a pastime for the higher classes,written for musicians who were either skilled amateurs or highly trained profesionals .Bach´s sonatas ,partitas and suites for violin and cello were (and still are) some of the most difficult works ever written for these instruments . By contrast ,the violin sonatas by Handel ,Corelli and several French Baroque composers ,are relatively easy pieces for amateurs.The new status of chamber music is inconceivable without the rise of the bourgeoisie.This social class became more more powerful and influential in economics matters and developped a culture of its own in which music played a large part .Chamber music was not the only expression of it.The concert is a social and artistic event came into being especially in France and the non-aristocratic form of opera ,the opera buffa,attracted a wider audience .Boccherini wrote his chamber music partlyfor this new grupo of listeners .As a musician who in his youth had travelled throughout Europe he noticed the social changes and knew how to exploid them in his compositions.Although he worked in the sixties as a cellist in the city orchestra in the Italian city of Lucca . Very so0n Boccherini acquired a reputation as one of the foremost composers of chamber music.During his lifetime he published more than one hundred string quartets and quintets for a variety of combinations of instruments .The six string quintets were probably written in 1772 and iniatilly published in Paris in 1775 as a group with opus number 13. Alhough recognised as the equal of Haydn and Mozart ,a refined and prolific creator of chamber of music ,some 259 quartets



Concerto n. 12 for violoncello and orchestra in E flat major (G. Deest) [1772, discovered in Vienna: 1987]


Cellos High Level

Andrea Guarneri, Cremona, c. 1669,

ex-David Soyer Giovanni Battista Guadagnini, Turin, 1752

Giofreddo Cappa, Saluzzo, c. 1690

Giuglio Cesare Gigli, Rome, c. 1789