Conrad Gotz Audition 98 Violin

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825,00 EUR

he Conrad Gotz Audition 98 Violin is the best selling Gotz violin, excellent for serious students looking to proceed to the higher grades. German made quality and sound. It is set up with Thomastik Dominant strings and comes standard with Wittner fine-tune pegs fitted

Info adicional

Configuration: Tailpiece: Original Götz ebony tailpiece Chinrest: Guarneri chinrest Model Wittner Fine-Tuning Pegs Fine-tuner: black fine-tuner for E-String Bridge: Original Götz Bridge Strings: Thomastik Dominant Strings Varnish: Reddish-brown hand-varnish with shades and gloss-finish Special accuracy in processing corners and edges The Quality of the Violin: Since the 1960s the best selling Gotz student model Light flamed back and sides Gradient annual rings of violin-top wood Excellent German quality Conrad Gotz Audition 98 Violin set-up by Caswells Strings | Instruments not properly set up can have a detrimental effect on the players progress, even leading to the player being put off for life. We operate a strict policy of setting up every instrument, regardless of level, to exact standards and specifications. A set-up in our workshop includes shaping and cutting the bridge, lubricating the pegs, rosining the bow and adjusting the soundpost. Instruments are shipped with the bridges up