«Boccherini Online» aims in the first place at giving voice to the intense scientific activity that has developed around the great Lucchese composer. The journal, supported by the Centro Studi Luigi Boccherini in Lucca, has a scientific committee of the highest rank, and an international advisory board whose prestige assures the quality of the published contributions. As an ideal extension of the authoritative «Boccherini» once issued by the Florentine Società del Quartetto, «Boccherini Online» does not confine itself to Boccherini studies, but rather intends to be a benchmark for all research concerning “classic” 18th-century Italian instrumental music, and is particularly open to the contributions of young scholars.

Context oriented, «Boccherini Online» also welcomes studies about musical theatre, history, culture and European music from the late Settecento with clear relationships to its own subjects. Besides articles of scientific content, the journal contains a section devoted to reviews of recent books and CDs, as well as music analyses devoted to specific works, aiming at widening the circle of its readers.

Marco Mangani (Direttore Responsabile)

Altri contatti Matteo Giuggioli (Responsabile per le recensioni librarie)

Centro studi Luigi Boccherini

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